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Evaluation & Screening

The first time you seek help, and any time you have a new concern, we will make an appointment for an Evaluation and physical therapy diagnosis. At this special visit, we will work together to gather information about your health history, reasons for seeking therapy, and the goals you have for feeling and being your best.

As determined by your needs, I will provide appropriate and thorough screening and measurement of a few or many of the following: Your strength, flexibility, joint range of motion, muscle tone, vital signs and senses. I may test your balance, endurance and circulation, and more. It will be important to look at your posture and to assess the way you move and the devices and other tools you use in your daily life. The results of this appointment will be used to help us measure changes throughout your therapy journey.

Depending upon the complexity of your situation, additional appointments for evaluation may be needed. To provide you with the best and most thorough care, I may sometimes refer you to another provider for additional, detailed examination. Therapy and treatment may begin at the first session or at subsequent visits.