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Self-Treatment, Pain Management and Healthy Movement

This growing library of physical therapy exercises is available for free. Downloadable pdf’s can also be found at the end of each article.
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You get best results when you challenge your balance many (try 2-3) times a day! Wall Posture Practice - 2-3 times DAILY and whenever you feel the need 1. Find a wall or wall-substitute. 2. Stand about 6 inches away. Reach back with your hands and settle your back...

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TIPS, CARE and WHEN to GET HELP • Sometimes pain or tension or discomfort is something you need to meet and work through, and sometimes it is a message about something more serious that you must pay attention to. • There are times when your pain and other symptoms are...

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SELF-TREATMENT : Suboccipital release

PURPOSE – To relieve head/neck/shoulder tension and pain and to promote whole-body relaxation. 1. Place two tennis balls in a sock or tight fabric tube. (You may also purchase tools that accomplish this. Resources listed, at the bottom of the page*). 2.  Lie on a...

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