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Each day, I will be an active part in changing the way health care and wellness happens in our country  by 1) helping all people become well and learn how to  stay well, and 2) integrating nature and the arts with therapeutic practice.

Combining the tools of physical therapy with massage and other bodywork is the core of my practice and what I can offer you.

I graduated from the Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington, DC in 1995, received my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and continue to invest in rich continuing education opportunities along the way. I started my business in Northern Virginia in the 1990s and began my current practice Yahara Therapy in 2006 in Madison, Wisconsin.

Special areas of practice and interest are posture and healthy movement, balance and falls prevention, fitness, and wellness and preventive care.  I love to work with people of all ages who are “beginners” in learning about and understanding their body, their health and the challenges to it.

Community and environmental health is as important as your individual health. I am committed to participating in health promotion and preventive care, creating strong neighbors and networks, and to reducing the cost of and increasing access to quality healthcare.

In 2014 I co-founded Ballroom Basics for BalanceTM (BB4B), a fun way to improve balance and prevent falls using the basics of dance.  I continue to organize and teach BB4B classes in partnership with other health care providers and therapy students. 

I am a certified practitioner in three-dimensional (3D) scoliosis rehabilitation at the advanced (C2) level, having studied with Beth Janssen and staff through the Schroth – Barcelona Institute.

I proudly employ techniques learned at the Institute of Physical Art, where I continue to study. 

Sticking to my goal of using joy and creativity to help people get and stay well, I became a PK Silver Specialist in 2022, trained by PK Move, and now incorporate parkour into my sessions, and hold Parkour Senior: Only Soft Landings! classes in the community.  

In 2023 I became certified as a TRX instructor and love to incorporate this fantastic tool into our sessions. 

Safe space for exploration and transformation and dependable, clear information is necessary so that you are empowered to be afull participant in your own care and body awareness. I use various educational methods with you including drawings, models, photos, video, sharing research, and lots of demonstration and practice.

I am a trained instructor in Dane County for Stepping On, a program proven to reduce falls and build confidence in older people. I am also a founding member of the Madison Area Wellness Collecrtive. 

During my first pass through Wisconsin many years ago, I received my undergraduate degree at Ripon College. I have had a variety of interesting occupations and life experiences, including working in an LGBT/HIV health care organization for nine years and on archaeology digs. I have also been an educator of many kinds for all ages, including outdoor and environmental education, classroom teaching, ballroom dance, and sports coaching.

Originally from metro Detroit, I have lived in Louisiana, the northeastern US, the Washington, DC area and am now a resident of Madison, WI with my wife and pets.

I balance work life by traveling by bicycle and staying engaged in my community.  You will find me spending time with family, friends and pets, reading, hiking, enjoying music and other arts, and by playing with many creative and physical pursuits, which can include dance, circus arts, natural movement like parkour, weight training, TRX, and learning to paddle!

-Susan Frikken