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PURPOSE – To relieve head/neck/shoulder tension and pain and to promote whole-body relaxation.

1. Place two tennis balls in a sock or tight fabric tube. (You may also purchase tools that
accomplish this. Resources listed, at the bottom of the page*).
2.  Lie on a padded, firm surface (bed may be too soft) with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
You may also prefer to place pillows or other props under your knees or your legs up on a chair.
Ensure that your back and head are in full contact with the surface.
3.  Tuck the balls (or tool) underneath your head just where it meets your neck [see graphic,
below]. There are several places that may feel like a good spot. You may choose to:
4. Grasp the balls and hold them under your head.
5.  Place them under your head, and place a towel roll under the curve of your neck so the balls don’t roll down.

6.  Lie comfortably in this position for several minutes – from a few up to about 15.


How do you know if you are positioned correctly?

    • You feel a little tenderness where the pressure is.
    • Your symptoms are reproduced (maybe you feel a pattern of sensation where your
      headaches are, or where your neck pain or tension usually lives).
    • You feel an alleviation of your symptoms.

**As with any exercise or technique, if your pain or symptoms do not improve or steadily
worsen, stop.**

You may see or hear this referred to as “still point induction”. Treatment at this region of the body tends to encourage relaxation, or stillness, in the body’s systems. This is a helpful thing, a rejuvenating and restful state. Even if you have no pain, it can be useful to practice this restorative practice daily.

*Suboccipital release/still point inducement resources

From Upledger 

From Sacrowedgy