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Access to care for all people is crucial to a healthy community. I pledge to actively connect with–and best hear and understand–my neighbors near and far in order to partner in health. This includes: people of color; humans of all races and ethnicities; folks of all genders, including genderqueer and transgender; people identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and those in mutually consensual relationships of their choosing; those of varying physical and cognitive abilities; people of all levels of education; humans on the full range of the political spectrum; and people with varying ability to afford care.

Policies and Procedures

Procedures enhanced for our health and safety were created in June 2020. They have been updated as of September 2022. Please read them here.

Handwashing – because I care! When you are in public, do this! 

Parkour-based fun!       

I am now a PK Silver Coaching Specialist! I recently had the pleasure to train with the wonderful folks at PK Move. Let’s do some Parkour-based movement for balance, safety, and fun! I am working this into my sessions and will hold classes in the near future. “What is that?” you say! Find out more here! 

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Telehealth Appointments 

I am still able to conduct telehealth appointments. Sessions may include: Consultations for pain management; teaching self-treatment techniques; exercises for posture, stability, strength, balance, coordination and safety.

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Yahara Therapy

Offering  whole-person, skilled physical therapy & massage therapy to:


  • Help you find the sources of what is limiting you.
  • Work with you to develop a plan so you can reach your health and wellness goals.
  • Collaborate with your health care providers and others important to your healing.
  • Assist you in finding physical and energetic balance.
  • Relieve/reduce pain and discomfort as well as stress and tension.
  • Optimize posture, movement, strength, flexibility, fitness and endurance.
  • Support you by listening to and educating you about your physical body in fun, easy-to-understand ways.
  • Facilitate healthy, long-term behaviors.
  • Respect your time and resources.